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Know What Your Customers Wish You Knew

Stop guessing what your customers want and build what they'd pay for.

We are a boutique market research agency that works with a small group of high-quality clients. We help them with product and marketing strategy based on customer insights.

Let’s talk and answer your biggest questions about customer research

You're in the right place if

You're an early-stage startup iterating toward product-market fit

You're an established company looking to improve retention or build new products

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Abhishek reached out to 300+ people in three weeks on Reddit. Between Zoom calls, DM’s, and 1:1 comment threads he was able to pull 22 people’s opinions about productivity and their current work routines which were invaluable in setting the positioning and messaging for the client as well as tailoring the copy.

Sophia O’Neal - Founder of Ignore No More

Brought new ideas and perspectives. Creative and resourceful market research and marketing thinking - gave clarity on what I might be able to do and the budget I'd need to do it. Perfect for resourceful startup founders who want to rapidly test ideas.

Matthew Stafford - Founder of 9others

It was huge since we’ve not worked directly with such travelers much, especially in terms of what matters most to them, and their expectations. So far those trends and markets aren’t the right fit for where we’re headed as a company so we’re able to move forward in a different direction. To invest in those areas would cost us at least $100k, so that’s how much has been saved by not pursuing it.

Wit Sumathavanit - Owner of TravelTech

Was not really sure how this would turn out as we were having a lot of trouble trying to connect with our users. However Deep Research managed to interact with a variety of interesting customers that changed our perception of our product. The most impressive part was the neatly organised pack of information that summarised their findings that we can reference for a very long time.

Elston Baretto - Founder of Tiiny Host

The Deep Research team has helped multiple startups iterate towards product-market fit, build an early base of customers, and get them key industry insights that have been critical to their early growth.

Your customers tell you which features they'd pay for

Find where your customers hang out and market to them

Refine website and marketing message to appeal to your core users

Playbooks - GTM, Pricing and On call support from our analysts

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Over the long term, we aspire to become the go-to place for startup strategies. We're avid readers: Business Insider, Inc. and Forbes, Substacks, Business Biographies ... You name it. They are great for the what. But every entrepreneur figures out the how on their own - in the context of their own business.

Deep Research aims to be the home of the how. It cannot be a template you can buy - we don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions - but a 1:1 service that understands the context of your business, and the needs of your market and then builds a solution that fits your needs.

If the idea of a long-term research partner that acts as your second brain appeals to you, let's talk :)

Simple, transparent pricing.


2 months engagement

  • 10-15 Customer Interviews - Memos on each call
  • Customer surveys and Churn analysis *if applicable
  • Ideal customer profiles and how to reach out to them
  • 2-3 Feature prioritization recommendations for the development team
  • Product Messaging and Positioning guide for improving user onboarding, activation, and reducing churn
  • 2-3 Features you should highlight in your marketing and website copy
  • Website (copy) and Marketing (copy, channel and plan) recommendations
  • 2-3 Testimonials and case studies from your best customers
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2 months engagement

  • Everything in Basic
  • GTM Playbook
  • UI/UX Implementation
  • Pricing Guide
  • Competitor Mapping
  • 8-hour on call Support with our Analysts
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Add Ons

  • User Visualization Dashboard and Data Analysis
  • Post Research monthly User Interview and Reporting
  • Live Data Feeds using AI

Past Projects

1. Product and Marketing Strategy

  • A hosting company has 70,000 customers in its CRM and has to choose
    between 50+ feature requests and 10+ buyer personas. They want to
    understand who their core 2-3 buyers are and how to target them. We helped them niche down and focus on their core use cases.

  • A software company in the US with 9000 paid subscribers wants to
    understand who most of their users are, the features they love and hate in the
    product, new use cases, and growth opportunities in their most lucrative
    niches. Our research directly helped product improvements and marketing campaigns that resulted in thousands of happy customers.

2. Mergers and Acquisitions

  • A travel company in Malaysia wants to buy a travel company in the US and
    needs a broad overview of the travel trends in the US along with 30 startups
    building products that tie to those trends. We saved this company at least $100,000 through our research.

  • An M&A firm needs our research service for its outbound campaigns when
    reaching out to clients for a potential M&A deal. They also need us to do
    further due diligence by talking to customers of their clients and the
    companies they’re looking to merge with, to make sure there's enough overlap
    in ideal buyers and their needs. Our research helped their customers move ahead with acquisitions with more clarity and confidence.

3. Idea Validation

  • A founder in the UK wants us to validate an enterprise HR SaaS. Within 2 months we validated the idea by connecting with the Head of HRs of 10+ companies with >5000 employees. We also did the app design

  • A founder in the US wants us to talk to accountants to validate an idea that will
    help them grow their practice. We ran research and came to the conclusion that the space was too competitive considering the core features that our client was thinking of building. We rather suggest 3 ideas in the same space that had a better chance of succeeding.

4. Client Acquisition

  • A marketing firm needs help with research for their clients and uses our report
    recommendations to upsell yearly marketing contracts to their clients. We've helped them with all of their projects over the past years

5. UI/UX Design

  • A founder in the US wants to turn his book into a web app for students. We did
    the entire design before handing it over to the development team.

And Many More ...

Deep Research Labs

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